Facebook constantly censors art and documentary work that contains nudity of any kind under the pretext of protecting its users from abuse.
1. Visit —> 2.right click the image and choose “Save image as” to download image. —> 3. Upload on your Facebook wall. —> 4. Copy the text on this page and paste as image description. —> 5. Make the post “public” —> 6. Post the link on the facebook page “This is not porn”.
If you have never had any warnings from Facebook you risk nothing sharing or uploading this image once. If you already had warnings read:
The above photo taken in 1970 by the Danish photographer Gregers Nielsen is one of many appearing in the recently published book “Hippie – Three years and 74 days that changed Denmark”, by the acclaimed Danish author Peter Øvig Knudsen. The non-fiction book has become a bestseller and outlines the history of the hippie movement in Denmark. Apple store has censored the whole book altogether (amongst many others books) with reference to it being “pure” pornography and not documentary as is the case. Facebook keeps blocking the author and threatening him with deleting his profile permanently, if he shares any of these photos again. Peter Øvig Knudsen is a journalist and one of Denmark’s most prominent authors, who has written monumental historical works about Danish recent history including the resistance during WW2 and left wing militancy in the 80′s etc. See all the photos from the book that both Apple and Facebook have censored:

The author Peter Øvig Knudsen has taken up this fight with both Apple and Facebook through various media channels. It has resulted in many thousands sharing this image, and both cases are being taken up by the Danish Union of Journalists, and on the political level, by Morten Lykkegaard, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s Cultural Committee. He has taken it to the European Parliament where it is now known as “The Danish Case”. (Read more about the The Danish Case in different languages here:

If you see any coverage of this campaign in YOUR national newspaper, please put the link in comments below.

If you need to backup your Facebook account, this can be done in settings—> account settings—> Download a copy of your Facebook data. 

“10 non-corporate facebook alternatives” —>

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  1. Per Steenholdt
    June 20, 2013 @ 14:47

    Den tæller lidt langsomt, er det en sejr siden stadig findes, eller bare en ny taktik – nogen må have taget stilling.


  2. Katie
    October 30, 2013 @ 08:34

    This is porn 😉


  3. Stereochemistry
    January 4, 2014 @ 14:13

    My photography of a full-covering body art picture was also reported as containing nudity and pornography, and then removed by Facebook within a few hours.
    The image uploaded on Facebook is on top of all very pixelated, which was done on purpose to avoid these kind of actions.
    Ironically, there is not ONE MILLIMETER of naked human skin displayed on the picture, but still it was judged as pornographic and removed.

    Moreover, a “censored” version of the same image (although there was nothing to censor as far as i’m concerned), was also reported but after changing the image privacy, no action against it was taken.

    It is sad that an artist has to live in fear of sharing their own art in the world of today, ON INTERNET.

    It is even sadder that a plain human body is still considered as something filthy and “sinful”. Yet, in that same world that judges bare human skin as inappropriate, the most googled word is “sex”, and pornography is still the most consumed internet content.

    This is pure hypocrisy.
    You can read my full statement here below.


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